Re-Turn to Yourself

(Contribution by Chi Kri Platinum Standard Teacher, Rina Rawal)   When the world has battered you around and shown you its temporary and true self, you only have two options left. Continue to play its game (and “the house” will always win!)  Or, turn to yourself. What you seek in possessions, control and temporary pleasures won’t fill the void in your… Read more →


(YES!) Sweat the small stuff

(Contributed by Chi Kri Yoga Student Nandini Gosine-Mayrhoo) We do stuff. Our days are filled with the minutiae (detail – editor) of our lives, from the moment the alarm shocks our eyes open to when we fall back into the comfort of sleep. What are these things that fill our lives? Are they simply things to keep us occupied…. the… Read more →


Salty Yoga!

(Contributed by Chi Kri Gold Standard Graduate, Mina Changela) The rise of yoga in popular society is characterised by the emergence of all of its wonderful and quirky variations in recent times. We have, Acra yoga, Bikram yoga, and Chi Kri Hip Hop yoga just to name a few. Now in New York we have Salty yoga, otherwise known as Halotherapy. This… Read more →


5 Great Yoga Poses for Kids!

Hello my lovely readers,   We all know yoga is great for our body, mind and soul, but do you know that it is also a fantastic form of mental and physical exercise for your children? Introducing your children to yoga at an early age can help them learn healthy lifestyle habits and help them build a foundation for an… Read more →


Craving a Detox Still? Look no further….

Hello my lovely readers,   I assume you’re all well and truly over your wonderfully, indulgent holiday season! : ) And your body’s craving a bit of a detox? Well don’t worry! You can put your juices aside (for now!) and unroll your yoga mat! It’s time to get your yoga on. Detox Spoiler: To start detoxing, you don’t need… Read more →


5 Must Learn Yoga Poses For Beginners!

Hello my lovely readers, Did you know that there are thousands of poses in the physical practice of yoga? I know! That’s a lot right? But don’t run for the hills just yet if you’re a newcomer. If you’re trying yoga out for the first time and want to practice at home as much as possible, then stay tuned because below are… Read more →


It’s that KIND of day!

Hello my wonderful readers!   We all know that our days go much better with a sprinkle of kindness in them. Well, today is World Kindness Day, and recent studies (as shown below) have actually demonstrated that spreading kindness can be so important for ourselves as well as others.   Give And You Shall Receive Kindness can make us happy! Research… Read more →

keep calm

Going Vegan- If Only For A Day!

Hello my lovely readers! November 1st is World Vegan, so why not go wild and try Veganism out? Don’t worry, I hear you! You’re probably thinking, woah, no animal products at all, no meat, no dairy, and even no honey! Well hear me out before you go and buy your next juicy steak for dinner tomorrow!   How Do I… Read more →


5 ways to fix those winter blues

Hello my lovely readers! With the clocks having just gone back, we are here to give you 5 super easy, helpful tips to fight those winter blues!     AB-solute Work Out! Exercise is a brilliant way to get our endorphins running and to brighten our mood. Focusing on our abs it so important in the winter months as it connects… Read more →


United Nations International Yoga Day!

Let’s go back in time. To 1976, North West London. Meet Tara Patel. She’s a happy woman, leading a humble life for herself and her family. She successfully juggles her dual role as mother — and full time secretary. One day, her little boy said he missed having her there when he came home from school…and he asked her to change her… Read more →