United Nations International Yoga Day!

Let’s go back in time.

To 1976, North West London.

Meet Tara Patel.

She’s a happy woman, leading a humble life for herself and her family.

She successfully juggles her dual role as mother — and full time secretary.

One day, her little boy said he missed having her there when he came home from school…and he asked her to change her job.

So she did..

With no previous interest or qualifications, Tara Patel took up yoga and soon began teaching friends and locals from the comfort of her own home in Harrow.


Tara Patel’s first book on yoga, click here to learn more.


A few years later, Tara became a part of one of the first ever thriving yoga business in the UK; sourcing out yoga mats, home yoga videos, and all sorts of yoga products to her local following. Harrow then produced the UK’s first ever yoga series on VHS.

Yes, that’s right…Harrow. Excuse me as I puff my chest out (born and bred Harrow girl right here.) Sorry where were we? Oh yes. Tara’s little boy.

Delighted as he was to have his mother at home throughout his youth, like all children inevitably will, one day he grew up. And boy, did he grow. Soon enough he was 18 years of age, and unsurprisingly he too had fallen in love with yoga. Taking lead from his mother, he began holding his own yoga classes in Harrow sharing his knowledge with everyone he laid eyes on.


Now let’s fast forward to the year 1990, The Birth of Chi Kri.

neilckold Neil Patel, Founder and Director, hosting the Yogathon event at Kensington Olympia.


No longer little, Tara’s son Neil had now built his own brand from scratch. But not only did it include four traditional teachings of yoga; Chi Kri expanded on this: offering four additional areas of focus — Diet, Science, Mind Yoga, and Creativity. Unlike any other teacher, Neil integrated a passion for rap and hip hop music into his yoga, producing a Chi Kri brand called ‘Chi Kri Hip Hop Yoga’ and consequently earning himself the fitting nickname 0f The Rapping Yogi.



Neil Patel, Founder and Director, with Chi Kri teaching staff at the Hip Hop Yoga Corporate Convention in Wembley Stadium, 2014.


In effect, what he had done was bridge the gap between the ancient teachings and the trends of the 21st century. By doing so, he had actually made the benefits of yoga accessible to a much wider birth of people, involving those who may not previously have felt a connection to the ancient practice.

As you can imagine, Chi Kri spread through Harrow like a peaceful wild fire!


Rina Rawal, Chi Kri Teacher in the Ruislip area. Click here to read more.


This year, for the very first time, millions of people across the globe will be working together to organise the world’s first ever U.N Yoga Day celebration. The declaration of June 21st as International Yoga Day came to us last December from the United Nations, not long after the request was put forward by India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.


And right at the heart of this, is Chi Kri Yoga.

On 21st June, Chi Kri Yoga will be hosting an exclusive event in their local area, with a very heart-felt desire to give back to Harrow. Without the support from the Harrow community, Chi Kri Yoga could never have taken off in the way that it has. Neil Patel and his mother, Tara, are responsible for igniting the passion which drives the Chi Kri organisation today, but their combined 40 years of teaching relies heavily on the dedication of their loyal students.


And what better opportunity to recognise them, than hosting a celebratory International Yoga Day?

With the introduction of a Chi Kri Teacher Training Course in 2012, there are now 14 qualified Chi Kri teachers, 90% of which are working in the Harrow area alone. With 41 teacher trainees due to graduate in 2016, by the year 2020, Chi Kri Yoga will have transformed from a one man band into a fully blown orchestra!



Chi Kri teaching staff and trainees, seen with Neil Patel, Founder and Director of Chi Kri Yoga.


The Chi Kri Yoga event, hosted in Harrow, will be embracing International Yoga Day as an opportunity to welcome in hundreds of new people. The Chi Kri teaching and training staff are already super busy behind the scenes, mixing up a cocktail of yogic goodness for you all to enjoy on the 21st June.


Shirley Jordan, Chi Kri Yoga Teacher in the Kenton area. Click here to read more.


Since the organisation opened their doors 25 years ago, Chi Kri Yoga has helped a huge number of students transform in their physical practise. And even less obvious, perhaps, are the personal struggles that students have overcome outside of the classroom. Chi Kri Yoga has helped to nourish so many people quite literally from the inside-out.


This isn’t just a yoga schoolthis is a family…


Chi Kri Yoga’s International Yoga Day celebration will accommodate both men and women, old and young. With good music, competitions, freebies and goodie bags, coupled with an opportunity for 1–2–1 discussions with the professionals, this event is set to be a phenomenal experience for the Harrow Community.


Because Chi Kri says…. You’re Worth It!


Sheena Shah, Chi Kri Teacher in the Harrow area. Click here to read more.


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