5 ways to fix those winter blues

Hello my lovely readers!

With the clocks having just gone back, we are here to give you 5 super easy, helpful tips to fight those winter blues!


  AB-solute Work Out!

Navasana - Boat Pose (Raised arms)

Exercise is a brilliant way to get our endorphins running and to
brighten our mood. Focusing on our abs it so important in the winter
months as it connects us to the Manipura Chakra! Working our
abdomen will link us to this chakra at a deeper level rather than just
at the physical level, as not only will exercising increase body
temperature, it will also improve digestion and immunity.

Tip: So why not do your ab exercises every morning before breakfast,
and set your chakra’s alight for the day!


  There’s Something About Yellow…

shutterstock_271249412 (1)

Add some colour to your day, get out of the plain black clothes and
throw a bit of yellow in there (maybe a yellow hat or some cheeky
yellow socks!)

Bright colours stimulate the mind and actually really do make you feel better.
An article on
Fox News expresses how “gazing at bright yellow sunflowers
can boost your brain power and lift your mood.” Yellow is a great colour
to stimulate your brain and 
enthusiasm for life.

Tip: So wear yellow tomorrow and not only brighten your day, but
others around you!


 Go Lemon Balmy!


How does having a nice warm vegetable soup on a cold winters
day sound (or taste)! Adding some Lemon balm to our favourite
soup recipe is a brilliant way to keep us feeling great in the winter
months! Lemon balm is a natural herb that will brighten our
mood and stimulate the mind. Otherwise known as Calming
Melissa, Lemon balm reduces stress and anxiety and can make
us feel uplifted. The great thing is that Lemon Balm is a fantastic
flavour and goes with most foods.

Tip: Why not try this recipe for a warming spinach and lemon
balm soup and keep our souls and minds bright this season.


  Vital Vitamin D


Especially now that day light saving is here, our bodies have less
opportunity to be exposed to the sun. Even though it’s not warm
out there we are still able to get our vitamin D from the light.
Lack of vitamin D is known to be a cause of depression, so we
should get outside when we have the chance!

Granted, it is the last thing we really want to do when its getting close
to freezing outside, but trust me, just do it, you’ll feel better for it!
Even on cloudy days, being outdoors will do us a lot of good. And to
be honest, there is just something incredibly healing about being
outside, even if our toes are freezing.

Tip: Get the scarves out, and get some fresh light and air! 


  Meditate Your Way To Happiness!


During the winter months, it is easier to feel sadness and maybe
even depression, and when our bodies need an extra boost of
happiness meditation is a great way to get that well needed lift!

When we meditate it connects us to our soul, which is the
reservoir of happiness. It helps us cut out the need for sunlight
and takes us directly to the source of happiness.

Meditation is known to release a high amount of serotonin,
melatonin and endorphins, which can make us feel happier and more
motivated. So lets get our kick naturally – and try meditation.

Tip: Did you know you can stream free Chi Kri Meditations online here!


So why not try some of these ideas out, and head into winter with a
smile on your face and a sneaky flash of colour in your wardrobe!

Love Lauren xo 


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