5 Must Learn Yoga Poses For Beginners!

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Did you know that there are thousands of poses in the physical practice of yoga? I know! That’s a lot right? But don’t run for the hills just yet if you’re a newcomer.

If you’re trying yoga out for the first time and want to practice at home as much as possible, then stay tuned because below are 5 must learn yoga poses for beginners!


The Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

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Downward Dog Pose is used in most yoga practices because it stretches and strengthens the entire body!

Postures that place weight on the arms and shoulders are great for building upper body strength and preserving bone density.

It wakes you up! If you’re feeling tired then all you need is a minute in the downward dog position!

It’s a great way to check in with your body– spending some time in this position will give you the chance to take note of how every part of your body feels. It stretches so much of you, that you can even figure out what parts of your body could use more work.

Top Chi Kri Tip: Making sure your hands are mat-width apart will help those with stiff shoulders lower their torso even further!


The Tree Pose (Vriksasana)

Vrkshasana - Tree Pose 2 (hands raised)

Tree Pose is an awesome standing balance to help beginners gain focus, balance and clarity– three very important things when practicing yoga!

It is also so beneficial when it comes to practicing your breathing techniques. 

If you like the idea of shapely and strong thighs and calves, then this is the pose to practice!

Top Chi Kri Tip: Focus on the muscle of the big toe to help you balance better!


The Cobra (Bhujangasana)


Feeling a little stressed out? Have you had a stiff, achy back for a while? Well here is your solution!

The Cobra Pose can be significantly useful at relieving discomfort in the muscles of the back, neck and abdomen. 

Not only this, but a little time spent in Cobra Pose will open up the respiratory system, stretching the abdominal muscles and massaging the lower organs. The best part: it’s free and healthy for you!

If you’re not a huge fan of squats but you still want the same results… this is the pose for you! The Cobra works the muscles around the buttocks, helping you gain a firm and toned bottom!

Top Chi Kri Tip: Keep your eyeballs looking up to strengthen eye muscles! 


The Corpse (Savasana)

Shavasana - Corpse Pose

Simple yet so important in Yoga, The Corpse Pose is vital for anyone practicing Yoga!

When we release tension and surrender to the moment, we can fully appreciate peace. Daily life seems so busy and so the Corpse Pose is an invitation to slow down and be peaceful.

The Corpse Pose allows your mind to take a break from everyday life. It helps you surrender to the present moment and learn to accept yourself.

In this pose the body mimics the positions of a dead body, not to be morbid but to create a metaphor. The corpse pose helps us to be able to let go, release ourselves and humbly acknowledge our own mortality.

Top Chi Kri Tip: Relaxing the jaw bone will stop mental chatter!


The Plank (Phalaskasana)


The Plank Pose is a very basic pose used in both yoga and in the sports world.

This pose is fantastic for working on your core, wrists, spine, arms and abdominal muscles– basically, its an all-rounder!

Developing strong muscles in these areas is so helpful for building stronger spinal support and better posture. So what are you waiting for, why not try it out?!

Top Chi Kri Tip: Keeping the balls of the hands directly underneath the shoulders will prevent upper body strain!


Learning yoga may seem a little daunting at times, but if you stick to practicing these simple but very effective poses you will be a pro in no time 😉

But remember, don’t get too confident too quickly, and be sure to always take a few classes – Here are a few Chi Kri classes we suggest!


Love Lauren xo

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