5 Great Yoga Poses for Kids!

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We all know yoga is great for our body, mind and soul, but do you know that it is also a fantastic form of mental and physical exercise for your children?

Introducing your children to yoga at an early age can help them learn healthy lifestyle habits and help them build a foundation for an active and fit future.

Below are 5 great yoga poses for your kids– why not let them give it a go?

Our own Lil’ Chi Kri Yoga teacher, Sheena, has also added some extra information and tips throughout this article! For more on her classes, click here.

Tree Pose

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The tree pose will get your children still, it will teach them how to steady themselves and remain calm. This pose will train your child how to balance and will also improve their posture – always a plus! 

Tree pose will strengthen your child’s spine, thighs, calves and ankles. This will improve their back posture and will train them into sitting straight and standing tall.

This is also a very fun and adaptable pose, and is easy for children to pick up and enjoy. It is a very interactive pose and can enhance their creativity.

All of this means that their self – esteem will be boosted and they will learn to feel more confident and accepting of themselves.

Sheena’s word:

Kids like using their imagination and making up different tree names and shapes. This pose, gives them a great way of expressing their personalities and feelings in a fun way. It also helps the children to develop good social skills, leadership skills, listening skills and helps them learn respectful friendships with each other.

Child Pose


The child pose is a very calming position for your kid. Placing their head down on the mat has an instant calming and soothing effect on the brain. The inward fold of the body, with the eyes looking back towards them makes the brain realise that they are safe.

This pose is great for your child’s growth! Yes, that’s right! It works the muscles in their lower abdominals. It allows them to open up and stretch this part of the body and therefore elongate their child’s lower back – Helping with growth and posture :)

The child pose reminds children that resting is a good thing! Taking time to just simply rest in a class or just generally in their day is so vital. It will give them the chance to slow down, relax and learn to be calm.

Sheena’s word:

Child’s pose is great for grounding kids especially when they are hyperactive or emotional. It calms them down between poses and trains their minds to be still and have moments of rest and space between activity (which is needed when they grow up!). It is very soothing for them as it subconsciously reminds them of the fetal position. Laying the forehead on the ground stimulates the pituitary and pineal glands which help hormone regulation.

 Warrior 2 Pose


This pose helps develop inner strength in your child, it teaches them about how to be confident, how to channel self belief, determination and mental strength.

Warrior 2 strengthens root chakra physically through strengthening the legs! It helps build strong foundations and teaches your child how to remain focused and keep a strong centre.

Sheena’s word:

This pose is a very inspiring and motivational one for your child! It can hold very strong mottos and affirmations which can prove invaluable to your kid. One of which could be: “I am strong like the warrior and I never give up.” This pose can encourage children to think of role models who they admire and who they want to learn from. It is an eye opening pose.

Downward Dog


Downward facing dog is one of the most accessible poses in yoga. Sheena agree’s that kids LOVE this posture!

With this pose, your child gets to use their imagination. They could pretend to be a dog, a bear, a roof, a mountain, a sandcastle or absolutely anything they can stretch their imagination to be!

Not only this, but it strengthens their arms and legs and increases their flexibility. It also strengthens their bone density and lengthens their spine – helping them grow into healthy and happy kids.

It works their brain, mentally stimulating their memory and senses, keeping them interested throughout the whole pose!

Sheena’s word:

This pose is easy and fun to do! Kids love it and especially love when we use inversions as they get to mimic animal noises and make the pose into their own. It is their chance to be creative and see the world from a different perspective!

Savasana or Relaxation


This is the time spent relaxing at the end of class in corpse pose, legs up the wall or any number of other comfortable poses. There is no better time then when we are young to learn how to relax and find peace. This is a skill that they will be able to use time and time again!

Grounding helps them relax their bodies, mind and nervous system at will – this is great preparation for finding peace and letting go of stress later in life.

This pose will help them sleep more deeply and solidly – so is a great thing to incorporate into their bedtime routine.

Sheena’s word:

This pose teaches your child body awareness, and helps them learn how to love and appreciate their bodies. It will teach them how to treat their bodies with care and patience and will sculpt them to be strong adults. 


Your child is growing and developing everyday and yoga is a brilliant way to let them use their imagination to discover new and exciting things about themselves.

Most of these poses can be practiced at home, so be sure to talk to Sheena or your kid’s yoga teacher about how to keep their yoga alive in the home!

Have fun! 


Love Lauren xo

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