Craving a Detox Still? Look no further….

Hello my lovely readers,


I assume you’re all well and truly over your wonderfully, indulgent holiday season! : )

And your body’s craving a bit of a detox?

Well don’t worry! You can put your juices aside (for now!) and unroll your yoga mat! It’s time to get your yoga on.

Detox Spoiler: To start detoxing, you don’t need to commit to weeks of sipping on green juice (although that’s great!), yoga is always the answer : ) 

These yoga poses below will stimulate your circulatory, digestive and lymphatic systems, helping rid your body of waste and toxins! In yoga, each new breath is a new moment – you can restart at any time, all the time.

Try these poses to help you detox and continue 2016 the right way!

Wide-Legged Forward Bend

Neil Patel00183

This pose is great for opening up tight hamstrings, allowing your head to fall below your heart.

It also reverses the pull of gravity, encouraging circulation of blood throughout the body!

The folding motion, squeezes the belly, which can help move things along for digestion.

It also strengthens the abdominal organs and muscles!

Chi Kri Grandmaster Neil’s balancing on his head here, but you don’t have to do that! (Click here for a yoga teacher)

Revolved Chair Pose


Rakhee demonstrates this awesome pose which strengthens your lower legs and sets your quads and glutes on fire (secretly what we all want)!

It also stimulates the heart, improves circulation in the blood, respiratory, and lymphatic systems, and relieves mental and physical sluggishness – what more could you want from life?!

This pose is another one which is great at aiding digestion, as it puts gentle pressure on your kidneys, liver, and spleen – this all stimulates the removal of toxins, while still toning your abs!

It’s an all-rounder! (a bit like Rakhee!)

Locust Pose

043 (2)

The pressure this pose creates on your abdomen encourages digestion, which stimulates the release of those things that no longer serve you!

This pose strengthens the entire back of the body, opens your heart and encourages good posture.

Locust Pose is a full body energiser that can instantly narrow your focus for a few breaths, leaving you feeling calm yet alert.

Why not try it with Mehul one day!

Spine Twist

IMG_1684 (1)

A twist will not only leave you feeling energised and focused, but will also give you mental clarity – Just ask Sheena!

It will relieve all that stress and tension you are holding in and will detoxify your entire system by primarily massaging your internal organs and encouraging the elimination of toxins – all that in one twist!

When you release from your twist, fresh blood and nutrients rush back into your digestive organs, helping nourish and support them.

Three-Legged Downward-Facing Dog Pose


Holding your head below your heart and lifting your leg in the air, in this variation of Downward Dog, encourages blood to circulate throughout the body.

This pose is an energising pose and also helps rejuvenates the nervous system – the perfect pose to kick start your new year!

This pose can also help your body to relax fully, which can help in mentally detoxing your body, as well as releasing stress, fear and sadness, headaches, poor digestion and back pain.

If you want to learn it from Rina, let her guide you through…


So there you have it, 5 great poses make your 2016 a year to remember! (well, this AND other stuff of course!)

If you’re new to yoga, be sure to try a class out, we have classes for all skill levels… click here for more information.

Let us know how you get on and if you like this blog, why not share it : )


Love Lauren xo

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