Salty Yoga!

(Contributed by Chi Kri Gold Standard Graduate, Mina Changela)

The rise of yoga in popular society is characterised by the emergence of all of its wonderful and quirky variations in recent times.

We have, Acra yoga, Bikram yoga, and Chi Kri Hip Hop yoga just to name a few. Now in New York we have Salty yoga, otherwise known as Halotherapy.

This new concept, involving salt therapy alleges to develops strength and flexibility through yoga movements like downward dog, upward dog, cobra and warrior pose in a room covered with Himalayan salt blocks and 6 inches of salt crystals on the floor.

Anuloma-Viloma - Alternate Nostril Breathing

Salty yoga has numerous beneficial effects on your health; it clears respiratory problems, reduces inflammation and clears airways. The healing and therapeutic qualities of salt also strengthens the immune system, improves skin conditions, soothes allergies, while also lowering your blood pressure and heart rate.

The purpose of the salt rooms is to encourage you to breathe more deeply and easily through yoga poses.

In comparison Chi Kri hip hop yoga is rhythmic, creative, energetic and cardiovascular. It elevates you to a new level of fitness. Salty yoga is for people pursuing yoga to engage in a more therapeutic environment.

It remains to be seen if this new concept is going to grow into a new phenomenon and into a success story. We have Salty caves in Britain used for therapy sessions but for now salty yoga is trying to become the next big thing in New York.

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We need more research on its benefits on the mind and body. What remains to be seen, is will people grow to love Salty yoga and will it expand in a big enough way?! Americans are always willing to try new possibilities to improve their health and well-being.

Salty yoga is definitely interesting enough as it combines the benefits of yoga movements alongside the use of the Himalayan salt blocks and crystals!

It is great that different types of yoga are available for everyone and acknowledgement of their different benefits is understood as a way to improve the healthy lifestyles of individuals!


Contributed by Chi Kri Gold Standard Graduate Mina Changela

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