Re-Turn to Yourself

(Contribution by Chi Kri Platinum Standard Teacher, Rina Rawal)


When the world has battered you around and shown you its temporary and true self, you only have two options left.

Continue to play its game (and “the house” will always win!)  Or, turn to yourself.

What you seek in possessions, control and temporary pleasures won’t fill the void in your heart.  It won’t stop that yearning to find true love, peace and happiness.  You’ll have to come home to yourself to find that within.

This is where your personal journey really begins, when you realise there’s got to be a better way.

In its generosity the universe immediately responds to your yearning and desire, giving you the ‘tools’ you need to journey inwards, towards your soul – the true inner self and the one that gives unconditional love.




The help you are given may come in the guise of a person, a circumstance, an opportunity, a change, a challenge, a push and even an illness.  Whatever form it comes in, believe it is designed especially for you.  Not to punish but to grow you, expand you, raise you to greater heights.

You’ll probably begin by fighting this change.  Not recognising why it’s here and what you’re going to do with it.  There will be moments when this brings out the worst in you – fear, anger, resentment, blame, jealousy, loathing, hypocrisy, childishness, blame, a lack of responsibility for yourself, lack of self love, judgement, criticism – the list goes on…

Because you’ve spent so long in the shadows and crevices of your ego and the temporary world it resides in, these things have to reveal themselves and work themselves out.  Recognise them for what they are: temporary house guests who want lots of attention.  Then, learn to sideline these ‘guests’ and go about clearing your spiritual house, so you can let the light in.  Open the windows and shutters, breathe in the FRESH air.


Morning sun


As you make efforts to journey within, through yoga, meditation, reflection and self study, the softer voices will speak to you and you will learn to ‘hear’.  This is your SOUL.  At first you hear the soul speaking quietly and then it gets louder until it stops you in your tracks and compels you to listen and act on its behalf.  The language of the soul will then begin to show itself in forms like compassion, love, patience, understanding, acceptance, forgiveness, sympathy and empathy.  These liberating feelings will be towards yourself and then towards others on a scale you may not have experienced before.  In truth, the impact will astound you at times.

This is what Turning to Yourself and Re-Turning to Yourself feels like.


(Contribution by Chi Kri Platinum Standard Teacher, Rina Rawal)

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