Re-Turn to Yourself

(Contribution by Chi Kri Platinum Standard Teacher, Rina Rawal)   When the world has battered you around and shown you its temporary and true self, you only have two options left. Continue to play its game (and “the house” will always win!)  Or, turn to yourself. What you seek in possessions, control and temporary pleasures won’t fill the void in your… Read more →


Retreat? Retreat into what?

Unless you’ve been on the Planet Zog for the past few years, there’s absolutely No Way you could have missed out on the world’s latest obsession with yoga and meditation — literally everybody’s doing it! From Hollywood A-listers to the proverbial “little old lady down the road” — the whole planet has, in exercise terms, flipped Head over Heels into “Chakrasana” (the “Wheel Pose”… Read more →